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Peter Schneyder / Design Management / Berlin : This is the Development Sequence for the Realization of  Your Product Ideas.

Peter Schneyder Design Management / Berlin develops client-oriented concepts for the realization of product ideas which take into consideration both the budgets and solutions for manufacturing the product.
Design management / Berlin is a valuable instrument for all manufacturers who want to realize their products with success.

We realize your product ideas.

Peter Schneyder Design Management / Berlin specializes in the realization of product ideas.
Irrespective of the materials involved.
We guide our clients from the initial idea all the way to the finished and packed product.
As manufacturing specialists in Berlin we offer complete solutions that really work and are tailored to your budget.

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What makes us so special?

We know of the longings behind the desires of our clients and offer our expertise from the fields of design, cost management and manufacturing.
Because we combine business knowledge with creative skills and have been translating this combination into three-dimensional products with 20 years of manufacturing experience.

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Creative minds need skillful hands.

Our clients usually come to us either with vague ideas or specific problems.
Then we develop concepts and visualize ideas as to form and function.
We offer our clients full-service production management in Berlin - ranging from the design to budgeting all the way to the manufacture of your product.

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We love manufacturing.

Planning the manufacture of a three-dimensional object is time-consuming. It requires a number of preconditions that need to be fulfilled.
We will produce an overview of these parameters absolutely according to your needs and optimize your planning with regard to feasibility and saving potentials.
You can book our services either as a full package or in single modules.

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We commit ouselves to keep costs under control.

It is important to us that we keep the costs of our clients under control. Because we consider the client's budget to be a central issue in product development.
As manufacturing professionals in Berlin we have a permanent focus on this aspect. We guarantee first-class products and the maintenance of agreed delivery dates.

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Your advantages based on our design management in Berlin.

  • Shorter development times
  • Increased cost efficiency
  • Free personnel resources
  • A contact partner for the entire production
  • Full services all the way to packing and shipment


Do you want a quotation now?

Regardless of whether you need special POS manufacturing for advertising materials in large numbers, the conversion of your design into a standard product, or the manufacture of a prototype - you can always rely on our offer.

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Production planning

Planning of the manufacturing stage depends on the complexity of your project and includes the following steps:
Analysis of the amounts of single parts and the resulting total amounts and volumes including pertinent production times, provision of an overview plan containing manufacturing and standardization schedules, and a completion deadline.

We will structure, guide and - if necessary - optimize the whole manufacturing process for you.



Visualization of the product idea is one way to present the idea at an early stage of the project and gives you the opportunity of making decisions on the later realization.
If needed, visualizations of views in various representation forms (isometry or central perspective) can be derived for presentation purposes from blue prints once they have been made.



Blue prints are indispensable in production planning.
The transformation of the designed idea into the shape of technical drawings is necessary to specify and quantify all parts, register their amounts and display them in inventory lists.
This is an important requisite for price-rating the manufacture of models and mass manufacturing.
In addition, machine-readable CNC files can be extracted in various formats (DXF, DWG, IGES, ProE, STEP, ACIS…) for later manufacturing, which would significantly facilitate and accelerate the manufacturing process.



Based on your specifications (definition of materials and surfaces, batch sizes, prefferred deadlines) and blue prints we will make detailed quotations for the provision of models, small-scale products and mass products.



Our core business is the realization of products.
Twenty years of experience in manufacturing consumer and investment goods provides the basis of how we execute your orders, producing quality and always being on time.
The process of realizing your product idea is the most exciting development stage. Here our many years of manufacturing experience come into advantage.
The real quality of our previous consulting will show at the interface with manufacturing.


Manufacture of models

Models are often needed to get a better impression of the optic or haptic properties to assess the design. They may consist of so-called laboratory or material specimens and include processed surfaces.
Design alterations and optimizations can still be made at this stage.
Before actual serial manufacturing commences the models make sure that the realization of the idea to be turned into a product will really work. They also represent a release criterion for the manufacturing stage.


Manufacturing from prototype to standardized mass production

We realize your requests – starting from the specialized manufacture of prototypes or unique copies, e.g. awards, and from small-scale to large-scale industrial manufacturing. 



The final documentations relating to your product will be furnished on request.
They comprise, for example, operating instructions, information for use and assembly, static certificates, conformity declarations (EC label), or certifications with technical quality seals, e.g. TÜV, GS, Enec, applicable to technical products like lamps.

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